Don't Be Insane Protect Your Brain!

About Us

The Goal of the My Grey Matterz campaign is to partner with the skateboarding industry to encourage and promote helmet use.  By working with celebrities in the industry as role models for helmet use, providing education, outreach and advocacy we hope to change the tide of the catastrophic potential for injury from not skating safely.

This campaign seeks to

  • Educate
  • Advocate
  • and Empower participants in the sport of skateboarding to protect their most valuable asset…their brain!

We are a collaboration of skateboarding professionals, action sport industry experts, health professionals, and concerned parents that seek to encourage a culture of safety that will allow participants to experience the freedom and fun of the sport, while reducing the possibility of debilitating injuries. 

At My Grey Matterz, we are looking to create a “New Norm” just as what has occurred in the snowboarding industry, whereas boarders wear their helmets as part of their “kit” without question.